Certified Teachers and The Certification Process


Using Yoga for Therapy

 The Certification Process:

Yoga for Osteoporosis  is required reading. Certification requires at least a 200 hour certification in yoga teaching, and 5 years’ experience.  A written and practical test is given at the end of the 20 hours. John Kepner, President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists has personally approved of the course, but there is currently no official approval process for “post graduate” courses such as this in the IAYT.

Certification for Dr. Fishman’s Method in the treatment of lower back pain is based on his 40+ years of clinical practice using yoga whenever possible to ameliorate and cure lower back pain, as well as what he has read and been able to learn from many illustrious teachers.  His teachers include B.K.S. Iyengar, Stanley Hoppenfeld, MD, and Edward M. Delagi, MD, and many more. This is a 20 hour certification, that enables certified therapists to teach the method and participate in relevant studies that we are conducting.

Just below the listing of certified teachers . The top grouping, of senior teachers are certified to teach both osteoporosis and lower back pain courses, but only those in bold can teach certifying courses to other teachers. We use the name ‘Registered’ for people who have passed the tests, but do not have 5 years’ experience at this point.  They will automatically graduate to certified status when they finish their fifth teaching year. They are in the last grouping.

Senior Teachers

Certified in Osteoporosis and Low Back Pain

First Name Last Name Email Phone Website
Cathy Lilly cathylilly@icloud.com 212.877.9415 New York NY
Ellen Saltonstall  ellensaltonstall.com/contact/ 212.727.7288 New York NY
Terry Schaff terry@schaffyogatherapy.com 845-235-6334 Rhinebeck NY
Cara Sekuler redyogini@aol.com New York New York NY
Caryna Wong caryna_wong@verizon.net 646.236.1082 Mount Kisco NY
Loren Fishman, MD loren@sciatica.org (212) 472-0077 New York NY

Osteoporosis Certified

Hilzler Carolyn hiltzler1961@hotmail.com Kasilof AK
Rochelle Jolley rochelleyoga2@gmail.com Erskine  Australia
Betty Aten bettymaten@gmail.com www.4thstreetyoga.com Berkeley CA
Shari Ser Cloudgate1@sbcglobal.net Berkeley Berkeley CA
Margie Cohea mcohea@comcast.net El Cerrito El Cerrito CA
Susan Kjesbo kjesbo@sbcglobal.net www.susankjesbo.com Laguna Niguel CA
Nicole Byrne nicolebyrneyoga@gmail.com Millbrae Millbrae CA
Ann Knighton Innes ann@knightonfamilyvineyards.com Napa Valley Napa Valley CA
Janie Falk Janie@NapaValleyYoga.net Napa/LaHaina Napa/LaHaina CA/HI
Sarah Harvey sarah.harvey510@gmail.com Oakland Oakland CA
Dana Davis dana@sonomabodybalance.com Petaluma Petaluma CA
Debi Robinson debi@debirobinson.com debi@debirobinson.com Rolling Hills Estates CA
Amelia Chang viacolusa2001@yahoo.com San Diego San Diego CA
Andra Denslow andrar108@yahoo.com Sierra Madre Sierra Madre CA
Karen Cryer Karencryer3@gmail.com Los Angeles Los Angeles CA
Barbara Wood frauminator@gmail.com Glenndale Glenndale CA
Darlene Barnes darlabar3@gmail.com Simsbury CT
Inger DeGroat idegroat07@gmail.com Stamford CT
Robin Kirsche robinannkirsche@gmail.com Farmington CT
Kate Mitcheom Heartbasedmindfulness@gmail.com Heartbasedmindfulness@gmail.com Branford CT
Ellyn Hutton ellynh@rcn.com ellynh@rcn.com Wilmington DE
Kathy Carroll kathy@kathleencarroll.com Washington DC
Marion Robinson Marionrobinson 1961@gmail.com Miami FL
Suzanne Joyce exesq1@gmail.com Clearwater FL
Barbara Anton seapointyoga@gmail.com seapointyoga@gmail.com St. Petersburg FL
Maggie Kampny megikay@yahoo.com Gainesville Gainesville  FL
Betsey  Wilson   bwilson1960@msn.com Augusta Augusta GA
Elizabeth Yates yogini2001@gmail.com Conyers GA
Mayuri Mulji mayuriyoga@gmail.com mayuriyoga@gmail.com Duluth GA
Janie Falk Janie@NapaValleyYoga.net LaHaina LaHaina HI
Michelle Soyer msoyer@dwx.com msoyer@dwx.com  Johnston IA
Lisa Sparanga lisa.sparagna@gmail.com www.lisaparanga.com Woodridge IL
Sarah Westbrook theyogamap@gmail.com theyogamap@gmail.com Evanston IL
Debbie Belkin debbie.belkin@gmail.com debbie.belkin@gmail.com Northbrook IL
Beverlee Burke yoginibb@yahoo.com yoginibb@yahoo.com Dekalb IL
Gail Randel grace.randel@gmail.com grace.randel@gmail.com  Wilmette IL
Becky Paulin-Liston beckypaulinliston@gmail.com beckypaulinliston@gmail.com Evanston IL
Rakel Arditi rakel.arditi@gmail.com Tel Aviv Tal Aviv Israel
Sharon Friedman sfriedman55@gmail.com sfriedman55@gmail.com Leawood KS
Kelly Haas haaskelly@yahoo.com New Orleans New Orleans LA
Christine Palamidessi christine@palamidessi.com Cambridge MA
Jason Koh jasokoh@hotmail.com Hingham MA
Regina Burgio reginaburgio@gmail.com Pittsfield MA
Deborah Boggs blueberrygardens@verizon.net Ashton MD
Jordana Carmel jzcarmel@mac.com www.jordanacarmel.com Kensington MD
Megan Bowles megan.e.bowles@gmail.com megan.e.bowles@gmail.com  Bethesda MD
Missy Wheeler missywheeler@msn.com Catonsville Catonsville MD
Bonnie Cassels bonniecassels@aol.com Laurel Laurel MD
Debbie Helfeld dhelfeld@starpower.net Silver Springs, Silver Springs, MD
Sheree Mullen Sher_yogini@hotmail.com Silver Springs Silver Springs MD
Carol Mermey cmermey@gmail.com Takoma Park Talkoma Park/Wash MD/DC
Helen Theodosiou htheodosiou@rcn.com Boston Boston MA
Linda Brunelle, MPH chickee@comcast.net Hadley Hadley MA
Bhavani Lorraine Nelson bhavani@bhavanilorrainenelson.com bhavanilorrainenelson.com/ Lennox MA
Jackie Kerstner jaqkerst@hotmail.com Malden Malden  MA
Liz Hawkinson lizpower.873@gmail.com lizpower.873@gmail.com  St Peter MN
Mary Swoboda marysuboda@gmail.com Lincoln NE
Jane Williams Jwilliams35@neb.rr.com Lincoln NE
Julia Hough juliahoughyoga@gmail.com Weehawken Weehawken NJ
Harriet Harris harriet@culturalencounters.com Santa Fe Santa Fe NM
Patti Zolnick zolnick@gmail.com zolnick@gmail.com  Santa Fe NM
Gabriella Barnstone gabriella@homeyoganewyork.com homeyoganewyork.com New York NY
Louise Fecher louise@yogabright.com Tuckahoe Tuckahoe NY
Jody Ference jference3@gmail.com Slingrlands Albany NY
Alice Hogan alice_hogan@icloud.com New York New York NY
Barbara Kaminski bkaminskyny@verizon.net Brooklyn Brooklyn NY
Sarah Knox sarahknox@mac.com Hastings-on-Hudson Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Carol Potts carpotts@gmail.com Endwell Endwell NY
Beverly  Goodman bevgoodman@gmail.com Jackson Heights NY
Brette Popper brettepopper@gmail.com www.fullfiguredyoga.com New York NY
Fran Conway franconway123@gmail.com New York NY







New York






Donna Phillips Donnalphillips@yahoo.com Greensboro Greensboro NC
Mona Flynn lifefityoga@gmail.com Greensboro Greensboro NC
Annette Divyi


Oslo  Oslo  Norway
Suganthi Giridharan suganthi.giridharan@gmail.com suganthi.giridharan@gmail.com Mason OH
Ava Koren avakoren@gmail.com avakoren@gmail.com Cincinnati/Johns Island OH/SC
Linda Jaeger LJGRALG@aol.com Tulsa Tulsa  OK
Terrie Powers trrbaypowers@gmail.com Portland Portland OR
Jeanne Rozanski, PT, MHA jrozanski@mercyhealth.org Havertown Havertown PA
Janne Roehm Janne@shri1life.com http://www.shri1life.com Middletown RI
Mei Lan Yee meilan72@singnet.com.sg Singapore  Singapore Singapore
Lucinda Santos lucinda.santos@me.com lucinda.santos@me.com  Geneva Switzerland
Crystal Gray forthehealthofit@juno.com forthehealthofit@juno.com Johnson City TN
Becky Klett becky@dentonyogacenter.com becky@dentonyogacenter.com Denton TX
Margie Terrell marjoriet@aol.com Lucas Lucas  TX
Harriet Last lastjh@hotmail.com San Antonio San Antonio  TX
Susan Turnage, RN nursesusanyoga@gmail.com nursesusanyoga@gmail.com Lanexa VA
Sandra Reid slreid1@verizon.net 703-216-3701 Alexandria VA
Linda Dunphy info@edyoga.com www.edyoga.com Arlington VA
Tricia Killiany yogaclasses@cox.net Williamsburg VA
Karen Buckner karen@gobuckner.com Bellingham Bellingham WA
Joanne Lee joanne@naturalcoach.com Olympia Olympia WA
Christy Fisher fisherac@aol.com Seattle Seattle  WA
Randy Boyd ranboyd@hotmail.com ranboyd@hotmail.com Edmond WV
Kathleen Davis kld0525@aol.com kld0525@aol.com Appleton WI
Laura Rooney laurajanerooney@gmail.com Milwaukee Milwaukee WI


Back Pain Certified

Carolyn Hilzler hiltzler1961@hotmail.com Kasilof AK
Tham Tran khamtran9@yahoo.com Montreal Canada
Dale Glenn crowelakehealthcentre@gmail.com Havelock ON, Canada
Cheryl Hughes hughes.ce5@gmail.com Norwich CT
Kathleen McCoy kmccoy416@gmail.com Torrington CT
Sharon Sokolowski sharonasoko@gmail.com Waterford CT
Ruta Kulys ruta@relaxationforlife.net Springfield IL
Pamela O’Brien pam@greenleafyogastudio.com Batavia Batavia IL
Kate Suchanek kate@yogapathllc.com Batoun Rouge LA
Jason Koh jasokoh@hotmail.com Boston MA
Kelley Annese kelleyannese@gmail.com Gloucester MA
Donna Phillips donnalphillips@yahoo.com Lenox MA
Peter Sibner psibner@aol.com Pittsfield MA
Helen McCathy helen.mccarthy85@gmail.com Stockbridge MA
Autum Rotach autumleigh@gmail.com Stockton MA
Maggie Rhoades maggie.rhoades@verizon.net Bethesda MD
Linda O’Brien lmaehob@gmail.com Fallston MD
Liz Moss lizmossyoga@gmail.com Shrewsbury NJ
Patricia Rowe patyr11715@yahoo.com Blue Point NY
Tina Paul ms.tinapaul@gmail.com Brooklyn NY
James Eavenson yoga3twcny.rr.com Ithaca NY
Audrey Ventura audreylmt2007@yahoo.com New Hartford NY
Rita Habert rhubert99@gmail.com New Hyde Park NY
Gabriella Barnstone gabriella@homeyoganewyork.com www.homeyoganewyork.com New York NY
Elizabeth Dalton elizabeth.f.dalton@gmail.com New York  NY NY
Valerie Grunther vabasile@yahoo.com New York  NY NY
Kaitlyn Smith kaitlyn.mary.smith@gmail.com Philadelphia PA
Susan Walkley susanwalkley@gmail.com Williamsburgh VA
Betty Molner molnerbetty3@gmail.com Coldchester VT
Marilyn Meuninck


Registered Osteoporosis Teachers

Linda Ellis lk_47e@yahoo.com Birmingham Birmingham  AL
Vivienne Schwarcz fifimays@yahoo.com.au Victoria Victoria  Australia
Anna Davis aikianna@gmail.com Riverbank Riverbank  CA
Kathryn Gelb Yogigrandma2580@gmail.com 973-462-8904 Orlando FL
Johanna Sherlin jsherlin123@gmail.com San Rafael San Rafael CA
Tammy Ray tammy0918@gmail.com Louisville Louisville KY
Janet Henning janetkhenning@yahoo.com 989-621-1606 Mount Pleasant MI
Sue Simring sksimring@gmail.com Tenafly NJ/St.Barts NJ/St. Barts
Kirith Chandrasekar kirthi@oasisbloom.com 972-523-9124 MASON OH
Sue Ehrensberger ehrenssb79@gmail.com Dayton Dayton OH
Patti Hamilton phamiltonrealestate@gmail.com 614-314-1630 COLUMBUS OH
Diane Thompson Dianethompson123@gmail.com Portland Portland  OR