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If we catch the bunion early enough, we can stop it from progressing, and sometimes at least partially reverse it through strengthening the abductor hallucis.

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Post-op Rehabilitation

Initial Physical therapy can be continued at home with alternative therapies that are easily understood and replicated by the patient at home with minimal equipment and risk.

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Gait Disorder/Falling/Imbalance

Muscle strengthening, balance improvement, enhanced coordination and greater ranges of motion are the mainstay of fall prevention. Mindfulness and lowered anxiety cannot be discounted either. If you are concerned an elderly family member could endure a fall and then not be able to help themselves, you may want to look into sites like Let’s Say Thanks that review some of the best medical alert systems.

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As a consequence of inflammation and trauma, joints swell and over time become deformed. At that point the bones no longer slide over one another smoothly. This painful impediment to movement is what we recognize as arthritis. It has many causes, from autoimmune (Rheumatoid arthritis) to traumatic to reaction to life’s normal stresses (osteoarthritis),to metabolic causes such as gout. Treatment reduces the inflammation and gives pain relief. Pain relief might also come in the form of some of the products voted the best CBD oil by Mirror which are known for their pain-relieving properties. Are you considering using CBD oil to reduce the symptoms of your arthritis? If so, using a coupon code can help you to save money on your next purchase. For more information about securing a discount on your CBD products, head to the CBD Insider website.

Arthritis is, of course, a problem with joints. Our belief is: first the diagnosis, then the treatment. There is no substitute for a good physical examination by an experienced physician, and appropriate imaging and diagnostic studies. Dr. Fishman’s book “Yoga for Arthritis,” written with Ellen Saltonstall, stresses the diagnostic element, and then goes on with helpful treatments with next to no side-effects.


Cathy Lilly, Yoga Therapist at Manhattan PMR

In our practice yoga and Alexander therapy, acupuncture and oral and injected medications have kept most arthritic pain at bay for years.

Yoga is particularly valuable in arthritis: whatever else yoga does, it stretches, and that counters the chief effect of all kinds of arthritis, limitation of the range of motion of a joint. After a learning period, yoga can be practiced at ones own place and time, and self-suited to a degree of frequency, intensity and length of time that is effective and not too terrible. If progress becomes too difficult, trying cannabis from ganja express alternatives could be an option. Many have enjoyed the pain-reducing effects of cannabis. So using them to help you push yourself a little bit further in your yoga practices could be helpful.

A further proven benefit of yoga is its production of PGC-1alpha, a powerful antiiflammatory emitted from muscles after moderate exercise. (Handschin C and Spiegelman BM. Nature. (454) July 24, 2008: 463-469.) This endogenous molecule is confirmed to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type 2, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, , gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune disease, and histologically-based weakness. as well as our subject here: muscle and joint stiffness.

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