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Second Set of Poses:  Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

The initial DVD “Yoga vs. Osteoporosis” has been very successful in reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis in those that have it, and building bone in those that don’t have it and don’t want it. The peer-review study confirms that:

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In the 10 years we’ve studied the 12 poses vs. Osteoporosis, Caryna Wong, Ellen Saltonstall, Yi-Hsueh Lu,Ph.D,  Gabriella Barnstone, Gregory Chang, MD, Ph.D. and I have found that they’re effective in building bone, inexpensive, and just about harmless.  However, there are four reasons to go further:

                      1. Although some practitioners are fascinated by going deeper and deeper into the asana, others lose their focus through the daily repetition and are frankly bored.

                        2. Further, we know these poses work, but do not know if there aren’t others that’ll work better, or for different people.

                        3. The first set of poses is not perfect: The first set does not include the wrist, a common site of fracture.

                        4. Several people complained that the poses go too fast.

Therefore Caryna Wong and I have designed a Second Series in which we do treat the wrist, hold the poses for 40 seconds, and have a slight break between each pose.  The Second Set is based on all we have learned in the last 10 years of study, and may be used in conjunction with the Dose-Response study, or on its own. It is constructed along the same lines, and with the same underlying principles as the first set, but it has not been demonstrated to work yet.  The Dose Response study should clear this up.

We have finally put together a DVD of the Second Series which has a different organization:  All the Beginner poses appear in a continuous series, with a short pause between each pose; all the Intermediate poses appear in a similar continuous series, and all the Classic poses are presented that way too, for greater ease in doing the poses. There is a working index, enabling users to select some Beginner, some Intermediate and some Classic versions of the different poses, each with verbal descriptions.  That way advancing from Beginner to Intermediate to Classic will be smoother and safer. This took quite a bit longer to assemble, but is (at last) available (written September 9, 2018).


Yoga vs Osteoporosis – DVD of the FIRST SET of 12 poses demonstrated to reverse osteoporosis through Dr. Fishman’s Method.  The 12-minute regimen.  $25.


Yoga vs Osteoporosis – DVD of the SECOND SET of 12 poses to reverse osteoporosis through Dr. Fishman’s Method.  The 12- 14 minute regimen.  $24.



Yoga vs. Osteoporosis – DVD of the THIRD SET of 12 poses to reverse osteoporosis trough Dr. Fishman’s Method. The 15-18 minute regimen. $27.


 “Insomnia – Why we sleep and how to get there.” 8:30 PM -10:00 PM May 14, 2019.

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URL to access “Yoga for Scoliosis” webinar, Feb. 19, 2019.  Appropriate poses for lumbar, thoracic, “S” and “reverse S” curves with explanations of how and why: $48.   


“Review and Refine” an MP4 of the one hour webinar by Ellen Saltonstall and Loren Fishman, MD on finer points in doing the First Set of 12 poses in the “Yoga for Osteoporosis DVD. $50.

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