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Twelve Poses Vs. Osteoporosis Streaming on You Tube – click here!

Since the publication of the 8-year successful study of people using a uniform series of yoga poses to reverse osteoporosis, and build bone both in people with thin bones and people with normal bones, we have seen a great increase of interest in the DVD “Twelve Poses vs Osteoporosis.” We have sent out thousands of the DVD, mostly in the United States, but in smaller numbers just about everywhere in the world. Now we are putting the content of the DVD on U-tube for streaming, for four reasons:

1. We are not always able to keep up with the demand.

2. Increasing numbers of people are writing to us that they do not have DVD players, asking us to stream the DVD content.

3. We have launched a new study examining the dose-response relationship between doing the yoga poses and raising your bone mineral density, bone quality, and lowering your risk of fracture.

4. It seems like the right thing to do.

A sample of the Osteoporosis DVD content that has been proven to raise bone mineral density: