Physiatrists (M.D.s who have specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation) actually learn anatomy.  Injury anywhere in the body most usually responds to conservative treatment.  Be it ankle swelling, rotator cuff syndrome or head trauma, a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach will be all that is needed more often than not.  Between physical therapy, occupational therapy, yoga, alexander, Feldenkrais, acupuncture and massage,  the wounded are likely to find a healing way. It is also the physiatrist’s duty to shepherd you to the proper more aggressive treatment when that is in order.

At Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation we have written academic papers and/or books on subjects as diverse as piriformis syndrome, head trauma, arthritis, thoracic outlet syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, insomnia, obesity, hemi-spatial neglect after stroke, curare paralysis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, botulinum injection, and stem cells.


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