Events Upcoming and Ongoing


  1. Rotator Cuff Syndrome – NIH grant free-to-participants: Study using yoga to reverse the symptoms of rotator cuff.  Held in our office in Midtown Manhattan.  The study has been expanded to 240 patients, so for those currently suffering, there is still time to enter.  Interested parties should call (212) 472-0077 to make an appointment. 
  2. Osteoporosis Dose-Response Study: Ongoing study with DVD that has been proven to build bone in people of all ages, whether they have osteoporosis, osteopenia, or are healthy and just don’t want to acquire either of those conditions.  So far 7 of 8 subjects completing the study have gained bone mineral density.  All were losing before beginning. Write or see the site. For FAQ, Click Here.
  3. Yoga Treatment for Scoliosis – We have found  simple yoga poses which, done one time daily, reverse nearly every case of scoliosis we have encountered.  We published a small series and a larger one of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients’ and degenerative scoliosis patients’ successes with this simple method, and are currently studying more advanced methods for more complex curves.  Interested parties can come to the office or be treated by Skype! (212) 472-0077.  

On the Web

  1. Yogatherapedia: Yoga Injury PreventionA computer and I-phone and Android accessible website where you can click on a pose and see the contraindications, and click on any number of contraindications and see which poses are compatible with them all. Plus explanations of why each contraindication applies, and workarounds for every pose/contraindication.  In addition there are beneficial poses linked to every condition for which yoga has proven helpful, blogs – the first by Matthew Taylor, others by Carrie Owerko, Brette Popper and more.   Released July 24, 2018 with a free one week trial for everyone, then $1 per week pricing.
  1. Second Series of Poses: Yoga vs. Osteoporosis: New poses selected and designed according to the same criteria as the now-proven set that reverses osteoporosis and builds bone in people of all ages. It will be available as a DVD for purchase on the website, and unfortunately is a little too big to be on You tube for free. It has arrived. For more information, just go to this page
  2. Webinar July 24th.  Grading the Poses: For Certified Teachers and Participants in the Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Dose Response study: For the Download                             Click Here

Right Here on Earth

1 . Yoga Center of Columbia, MD

Low Back Pain Certification with Scoliosis

September 6-8, 2019



2. Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY

Low Back Pain Workshop with Scoliosis

October 4-6, 2019


3. New York City

Three short courses:

       Back Care

       Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Syndrome

       Hips and Piriformis Syndrome

October 13 – Three 2-hour sessions

Call 212-877-2025

4.Lenox, MA

Yoga for Arthritis

Kripalu Institute, Lenox MA – 413.448.3211

October 25 – 27, 2019

5. New York City

Yoga for Osteoporosis Certification Course

Pure Yoga: 212.877.2025

November 8-11. 2019

6. Lenox, MA

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Kripalu Institute, Lenox MA – 413.448.3211

November 18 – 22

7. Lenox, MA 

Do’s and Don’ts for the Hips and Knees

Kripalu Institute, Lenox MA – 413-448-3211

January 31 – February 2, 2020


8. Fortnightly Yoga for Bone Health: Dr. Fishman’s office in Midtown Manhattan. Next Class April 9, 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Dr. Fishman teaches a small class for people wishing to build their bone mineral density through yoga.  We use Dr. Fishman’s Method, which was found to actually increase bone mineral density in an 8-year 741 patient study (243 completing the entire 2-year protocol) that was published in a peer-reviewed journal recently: Qualified applicants with other diagnoses, and healthy volunteers may be accepted. For reservations and more information, call (212) 472-0077.

 Some Detail on these Events

1. Low Back Pain Certification Course with Scoliosis:  This is a full certification course, with a written and practical exam to be sure the participants have mastered the difficult and highly satisfying work associated with recognizing and treating the various causes of low back pain. It also will teach which poses to avoid in the different situations that are likely to arise, and why each contraindication is there.  It will also be beneficial for those who do not wish to teach or do therapy, but just want to end their own back pain! Website up soon.
Low Back Pain Workshop:  This workshop is for those who would use yoga to heal their own back pain and that of others.  It is not a certification course, but a “how-to” course with practical knowledge as the goal.  We will consider individual cases, and include scoliosis in this training, giving people direct and longer-term solutions.  For more information, see the Omega Institute website 
3. Three Short topics: 2-3 hours each
             Back Care : The 7 basic causes of pain and their relief
             Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Syndrome
             Hip problems including Piriformis Syndrome
Three brief workshops on these topics are designed to introduce improve people’s knowledge of these topics, with emphasis on how yoga can be done to avoid injuries, and benefit those that have them.  They will be a combination of PowerPoint presentations and actual yoga in approximately a 50-5- mixture.  In these three short workshops we will go over (1) Dr. Fishman’s analysis and treatment for lower back pain, (2) Go over recognition of shoulder problems, and teach Dr. Fishman’s method for curing rotator cuff syndrome, and (3) Ways and motives for examining the hip, and teaching Dr. Fishman’s techniques for recognizing and alleviating piriformis syndrome.
4. Yoga for Arthritis:   Just about every joint in the body (except in the spine) has just one counterpart on the other side.  But even in the spine there are critical variations in the cervical and thoracolumbar  facets. Understanding these joints, and the limitations and opportunities they present, and assessing designing and teaching appropriate asana stand at the heart of this course.  Once the basic structure and function of the joints is set out, we will review the common forms of arthritis, how to recognize them, and how to benefit people that have these conditions.
5. Yoga for Osteoporosis Yoga Certification Course: Pure Yoga hosts this 40-hour course that has 20 online hours and twenty in the workshop.  The online hours bring deeper understanding of bone health, including physiology in the different ages of women and men, microanatomy, and how yoga works to reverse bone loss.  In the workshop you’ll learn how to teach Beginner, Intermediate and Classical versions of the 12 poses proven to build bone in healthy and weakened bone at any age. Passing the online theoretical and practical exam certifies participants to teach this method and participate in Dr. Fishman’s studies.  Certified people’s names appear on this website.  For more information, you must wait for the URL at this point.  However, you may call “Pure Yoga West” and get some particulars.  (212) 877-2025 77th Street and Amsterdam. 
6 . Yoga for Lower Back Pain:  Lower back pain is challenging because the same symptoms result from different causes, requiring different, even opposite treatments.  This IAYT-approved certifying course singles out the seven major causes of lower back pain, how to identify each one, and how to treat these conditions.  Gabriella Barnstone, who will lead this course, is  C-IAYT and has assisted and worked with Dr. Fishman for 4 years. Dr. Fishman will be available for a one-hour period each day for questions. 
7. Yoga Do’s and Don’ts for the hips and Knees: Every step one takes requires the support chain of ankle – knee – and hip.  Since the knee is restricted to bending and straightening in a single plane, like a shock-absorber in an automobile, the hip and ankle, with their 3-dimensional ranges of motion, must take up turns, twists, and all irregularities in the pavement.  So the support chain’s links are mutually interdependent, and problems in the hip or ankle often bring difficulties with the knee.  This workshop will center on how to avoid making problems in yoga, how to recognize problems when they occur, and how to use yoga to alleviate them.
8. Fortnightly Yoga for Bone Health:Dr. Fishman’s office in Midtown Manhattan. Next Class May 21, 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Dr. Fishman teaches a small class for people wishing to build their bone mineral density through yoga.  We use Dr. Fishman’s Method, which was found to actually increase bone mineral density in an 8-year 741 patient study (243 completing the entire 2-year protocol) that was published in a peer-reviewed journal recently: Qualified applicants with other diagnoses, and healthy volunteers may be accepted. For reservations and more information, call (212) 472-0077.
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Loren M. Fishman, MD, B.Phil., (oxon.), graduated from Christ Church, Oxford, and spent the year 1973 with B. K. S. Iyengar in Pune, India. He has taught yoga ever since. He went on to Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical School, then to a Tufts-Harvard Residency program, and served as Chief Resident at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Loren has written and edited more than 95 academic articles and chapters, and 12 books, including the best-selling Yoga for Osteoporosis and Yoga for Arthritis (W.W. Norton), with Ellen Saltonstall, Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis with Eric Small, and Healing Yoga–Yoga Cures for 20 Common Conditions. Dr. Fishman has a private practice in Manhattan and is on staff at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Courses with CE credit are approved by IAYT