Rotator Cuff Syndrome – NIH Study


Rotator Cuff Research -NIH Grant 

Moderate or severe shoulder pain with abduction or flexion.


In conjunction with the

University of Pittsburgh

and Carnegie Mellon University 

Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

133 E. 58th Street

Suite 811-812

New York, New York 10022

(212) 472-0077

  In this study we treat severe or disabling shoulder problems without cost.  

The work is supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

People with shoulder pain due to rotator cuff tears will be treated without cost. The protocol involves a yoga-like pose which has been shown in peer-review publications to relieve pain and restore normal movement in over 90% of patients. This requires only a single visit. The pose takes a short time to learn, and usually less than a minute (60 seconds) to do. Those interested should call the office at (212) 472-0077.   Bring any imaging studies or other relevant medical data with you. Be sure to tell Erika or Katie that you want to join the rotator cuff study.