A Yoga Remedy for Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Yoga for Rotator Cuff Syndrome.

I was the first patient in this study.  After acquiring a massive rotator cuff tear, I serendipitously found a way to lift my arm in every direction quite painlessly.  It took years, but over time I used the same method with numerous patients with MRI-confirmed rotator cuff syndrome (RCS), and followed them for several years.  I published the very surprisingly positive results, and they were taken up by the New York Times. Our study has been substantiated by subsequent work, and by other physicians, and we’re currently finishing another. It is a simple maneuver that often, almost miraculously, cures the syndrome in several minutes.  We now have over 1800 patients;  over 160000 have been helped by more than doubling their painless range of motion in flexion and abduction.

Here is the paper: