Yoga Injury Prevention

Yoga Injury Prevention – A portable Website

To access the Yoga Injury Prevention interactive software, go to

                                                                   coming soon

This is soon to be a working site downloadable on I-phone and Android.

At that point it will have  essentially two functions:

  1. By clicking on any one of 90+ poses, YIP will instantly give you all the contraindicating  conditionsthe conditions under which it should not be done.  While teaching a class, students for whom that pose is dangerous will know at once.  It will also guide people teaching a class, by giving them which of the 90+ poses are not contraindicated
  2. By selecting one or more conditions, YIP will instantly give you all the contraindicated poses, as well as the poses that are not contraindicated. In 1-on-1 teaching, you can click on multiple conditions and immediately see which poses are all right, and which are contraindicated. E.g., in a complicated person you’re  helping with their back pain, you can click on “Diabetes, Glaucoma, Total Knee Replacement, Herniated Lumbar Disc” and see at once the poses that are not contraindicated for someone with those all conditions, and the poses that make sense for that person.  There is also a medical glossary explaining each one of the conditions, and a yoga glossary with pictures and contraindications for each one of the poses.We have also put in two sections we hope people will find informative:                           
  3. Why each contraindicated pose should not be done if it is contraindicated by a given condition.
  4. Realistic work-arounds and/or props that will enable a person with that condition to practice the pose, or one quite like it.
  5. Then, within a few months, we’re going to add a therapeutic part: Which poses, if any, are helpful for ameliorating, slowing down, or eliminating the conditions for which yoga has  proven beneficial.  This part will of course be expanded as time goes on and new studies appear.

The 90+ poses include most commonly done poses, and all those in the Iyengar Introductory Manual I and II.

The  57 conditions are among those commonly encountered in yoga studios with younger and older students.


This site was created by Loren Fishman, MD, B.Phil,(oxon.), Victor Oppenheimer, Taliesin Oppenheimer, and Carrie Owerko.

Victor has been doing yoga for more than 40 years, taught computer science at Harvard, and is past President of the Cambridge Society of Computing Machines.

Taliesin is a computer engineer in Cambridge, MA.

Carrie Owerko is a world-renowned yoga teacher whose creative and playful methods have won her innumerable students.  She writes in the Yoga Journal frequently and has been on its cover.  Her classes and You tube work is as original as it is clarifying, and her radiant spirit comes through in everything she does, including this working site.

Dr. Fishman’s CV can be seen at the “About Us” tab at this website’s home page.